Remember when…..

Remember when we, as 8 year olds or so, could take our bikes and spend a lazy afternoon down by the creek, fishing for brook trout or climbing trees in a vacant lot etc. etc. without a thought of anyone wanting to harm or hurt us in any way? Or maybe you can’t – your not that old.

Well now a young mother has been threatened with arrest and jail for allowing her 8 year old to go to the local park by himself.  I’ll let you read her blog in total if you like , along with the replies with other interesting stuff as I feel it is important for all of us.

Her blog called free range kids, brings back so many great memories of my childhood and I can’t help feeling sad and angry.  Sad for our young 8 year olds who live in a world where they will possibly not experience that kind of freedom, and angry that we as a society have allowed this situation to exist at all.  I’d like to think we can do something about it.

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